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Yoga is great for physical and mental wellbeing, can be practiced by people of all ages and abilities and is a brilliant way to improve mobility.

As well as improving flexibility, strength and balance, many people practice yoga to reduce their stress and anxiety levels.

Yoga is practiced by performing a series of poses and techniques which can be adapted for people with disabilities.

Yoga has greatly increased in popularity in recent years, meaning there are now classes available all over the country.

Things you might need to get started

Comfortable clothing that you are able to move in is the most important thing to bring along as well as some form of hydration.

Classes will require yoga mats, however yoga studios will be able to provide these.

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There are a variety of styles and teachers of yoga and no specific qualifications are needed to teach.

However, the British Wheel of Yoga is the Sport-England recognised governing body in the UK:

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