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Biathlon is one of two disciplines within para Nordic skiing and combines cross-country skiing and target shooting.

Athletes compete in one of three categories, sitting, standing and visually-impaired, with the shooting element seeing athletes fire at five targets (usually located 10m from the shooter) between each leg using air guns that are mounted on stands.

There are limited opportunities in the UK to try biathlon with live rifles but gun clubs with 50m ranges provide a number of opportunities for biathlon training, while laser biathlon is becoming a popular way to try biathlon or train for shooting accuracy.

There are a number of skiing clubs in the UK to practice the cross-country element of biathlon and, being kind on the joints, cross country skiing is accessible to all ages.

Visually impaired skiers compete with a guide, while athletes with a physical impairment compete using either a sit-ski or standing using one or two skis and/or poles.

Things you might need to get started

Equipment can be hired and includes:

  • Ski Boots
  • Skis or similar
  • Rifle/air gun/laser rifle
  • Helmet
  • Warm, waterproof clothing

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