Wheelchair Tennis | Every Body Moves

Anyone for tennis?

The wheelchair version of the nation’s favourite accompaniment to shouting “Come on, Tim!” with a mouthful of strawberries is a great way to have fun and keep fit, whatever the weather.

The courts and rules are the same as in the non-disabled game, the only difference being that players are allowed two bounces of the ball – the first being inside the lines of the court.

Play singles or doubles, for fun or in competition, or both!

Things you might need to get started

Comfortable clothes and your day chair – although there may be sports chairs to borrow at some places.

Rackets and balls may be available to hire, or you might need to bring your own – check before you go.

Find out more

The Tennis Foundation is the leading charity dedicated to getting you into tennis: https://www.tennisfoundation.org.uk/

Check out their guide to getting into the sport: https://www.tennisfoundation.org.uk/play-tennis/

Check out Chesterfield Tennis Club:


Find your nearest wheelchair tennis opportunities