Wheelchair Rugby | Every Body Moves

The game they call “Murderball” is much more of a laugh than it might sound…

Wheelchair Rugby is a full contact, fast and dynamic sport that combines elements of rugby, basketball and handball.

Players compete in teams of four to carry the ball across the opposing team's goal line to score.

Contact between wheelchairs is permitted, and is in fact an integral part of the sport as players use their chairs to block and hold opponents.

Things you might need to get started

  • You’ll need a manual wheelchair specifically built for the sport. The rules include detailed specifications for wheelchairs to ensure safety and fairness, so check with the club before you go.
  • The game is played with a ball similar to a volleyball. Clubs should provide cones to mark the goal lines and a game clock; any clock used for basketball, handball, or other similar sports is fine.
  • Where something comfy!

Find out more

GB Wheelchair Rugby is the national governing body, and they have their own handy club finder: https://gbwr.org.uk/find-a-club/

Find your nearest wheelchair rugby opportunities