Wheelchair Fencing | Every Body Moves

If you are looking for something completely new why not try the cut and thrust of Wheelchair Fencing?

It is an inclusive sport which can keep you fit and help you develop your hand to eye co-ordination.

Most clubs have specific Wheelchair Fencing frames which can be used by able bodied and disabled athletes alike.

When competing, wheelchair fencers are clamped to the piste (the rectangle playing area) using a metal frame. Beyond this, the sport is very similar to fencing in the way competitors score points.

Things you might need to get started

  • Comfortable clothes and trainers, but not shorts as your legs should be covered.
  • The rest of the equipment will be provided by the club
  • If you get into fencing more seriously, then you might consider buying your own equipment. Starter packs including a weapon, mask, gloves and protective clothing.

Find out more

The National Govening Body is British Disability Fencing: https://britishdisabilityfencing.co.uk/

British Fencing has a useful club finder: https://www.britishfencing.com/club-finder/

Find your nearest wheelchair fencing opportunities