Wheelchair Curling | Every Body Moves

Looking for a team game of poise and precision? You’ll love curling.

The aim of the game is to slide a stone down a sheet of ice towards a target – the ‘house’ – finishing as close to the centre of the target as possible.

Then each team tries to stop the others by placing a stone in the way - or knocking the opponent’s stone into oblivion.

The only difference in the rules between curling and wheelchair curling is that there is no sweeping.

Things you might need to get started

  • You can play in your day wheelchair
  • Just wear some comfy clothes - some players wear a glove or two but that’s down to personal preference and they are not required.
  • All other equipment should be provided but do check with the club before you go.

Find out more

The national governing body for wheelchair curling is British Curling: http://www.britishcurling.org.uk/

There is a great resource about getting started on Scottish Curling’s site: http://www.trycurling.com/

Check out our 'Train With' Scottish Curling video: 


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