Wheelchair Basketball | Every Body Moves

If you’re looking for a team sport with a touch of flair, why not give wheelchair basketball a go?

The wheelchair game is pretty much the same as basketball, with the same size court, ball and basket height – the main difference is that you’re only allowed two pushes of your wheels without bouncing or passing the ball. And probably no dunking…

Wheelchair b’ball is open to everyone and is played using a sports wheelchair.

It’s a great way to meet people and it’s a popular sport with a good range of clubs out there from community level to more competitive leagues.

Things you might need to get started

Just some comfortable clothes – (NBA vest not required!)

A wheelchair - some clubs will provide a sports wheelchair for you to use so check with the club before you go along.

Find out more

The national governing body for wheelchair basketball is GBWBA: http://www.gbwba.org.uk/

They also have a handy club finder on their website: http://www.gbwba.org.uk/gbwba/index.cfm/get-involved/find-a-club/ 

Check out Wheelchair Basketball Birmingham Club:


Find your nearest wheelchair basketball opportunities