Swimming | Every Body Moves

Regardless of your level, swimming is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As a beginner it can help build confidence around water as well as strengthening muscles and cardiovascular health.

Swimming is a true full-body workout and can be adapted in a wide variety of ways for a range of disabilities.

As well as the physical benefits of swimming it is also a great way to reduce stress and can be an incredibly relaxing way to exercise.

It is also one of the most readily available activities in the country with pools found across the UK.

Things you might need to get started

A swimming costume is essential, and some goggles are advisable - you should be able to purchase goggles at your local pool.

Find out more

British swimming is the national governing body for the sport in the UK: https://www.britishswimming.org/browse-sport/para-swimming/

Check out WeSwim in Islington: 


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