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Adaptive surfing is a unique sport that allows people with various disabilities to experience the thrill of the waves in a safe environment. 

Surfing is a great sport to keep fit and active while also having fun in the water! Like regular surfing, adaptive surfing involves the surfer paddling out and riding a wave towards the shore. 

It can be done in lakes, rivers and on artificial water which can simulate waves, as well as the real thing on the sea.  

As a beginner it can help to build confidence in the water first, as well as strengthen muscles and cardiovascular health.  

And once you have the ability and fitness to swim in the water, you can start using an adaptive surfboard which is tailored to your needs. 

There are many types of adaptive surfing, including tandem surfing, seated surfing, and single surfing – so now everyone can experience the adrenaline rush of the sport! 

Things you need to get started: 

Equipment can be hired and includes: 

  • A wetsuit to keep warm against the cold water 
  • An adaptive surfboard 
  • You may need a helmet or lifejackets 

Find out more

Surfing England is the national governing body for the sport in England:

Check out Surfability UK based at the picturesque Caswell Bay on the Gower, who pride themselves on providing accessible surfing activities and were named Club of the Month in July 2020: 

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