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There are plenty of places throughout the UK where snowboarding can be conducted, with some centres around the UK – such as the Manchester-based Chill Factorᵉ - specialising in para snowboarding. 

There are plenty of different ways of snowboarding, thanks to the recent advances in equipment which mean everyone has the opportunity to feel that adrenaline rush of being on a snowboard and have a go, whether a beginner or more advanced. 

Like adaptive skiing, there are several different ways one can use a snowboard: 

Independent snowboarding: An individual stands on the snowboard on their own and depending on their level and comfort outrigger poles can be used for balance 

Visually impaired snowboarding: It is possible for people with a visual impairment to snowboard independently or with the use of a tandem board, visually impaired people can still get that amazing sensation of snowboarding, but without the worry of control. 

Sit-board: Very similar to the sit ski, a seat is put on top of a snow board which allows those with spinal injuries to enjoy snowboarding. 

Things you might need to get started: 

Equipment can be hired and includes: 

  • Snowboarding boots 
  • Helmet 
  • Snowboard 
  • Warm, waterproof clothing 

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GB Snowsport is the National Governing body for Para Snowsport 

Disability Snowsport UK work to make sure that anyone with a disability, may it be learning, sensory or physical, can ski or snowboard alongside other people. 

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