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Football is the national game and a great way to become fitter, feel part of a team and improve your ball skills. Remember an impromptu kick about in the park is fun and best of all its completely free!

If you are looking for a more organised activity a range of grassroots opportunities exist including: pan-disability football which allows players with a broad spectrum of disabilities and health conditions to play together.

Impairment-specific football allows players with similar impairments to play each other. Each group plays a format of football that has been developed or adapted specifically to cater for the players’ needs.

International competition for disabled players exists in seven different impairment groups: amputee, blind, cerebral palsy, deaf, learning disability, partially-sighted and powerchair (wheelchair).

Impairment-specific opportunities for disabled people to play are not exclusive to these groups though. At a local level there are recreational and competitive opportunities for other impairments too so it’s worth checking out our listings or the information below to find out more.

Things you may need to get started

  • Comfortable clothing
  • Football boots or trainers depending on playing surface
  • A football
  • Teams may require a kit, but your coach will be able to advise you on this.

Find out more

The Football Association, Scottish Football Association, Football Association of Wales and Irish Football Association have lots more information and advice about the opportunities on offer. You can find out more by visiting the home nation most relevant to you:

Check out St Agnes AFC: 


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