Darts | Every Body Moves

Why not test your hand-eye coordination with a game of darts?

Darts can be played by most people regardless of their gender, ability, impairment, or age. It is a social sport which you can choose to take further toward a serious level of sporting tournaments.

Darts can help you with focus, coordination and is a great way to meet new people and socialise.

It can be played at home, in clubs, in large formal tournaments (some being International), or just at the local pub as the sport is traditionally known.

The height of the board is different for standing players (173cm from the bull to the ground) and wheelchair players (137cm from the bull to the ground). We encourage all players to play each other, though in some larger tournament’s players are divided into classifications according to impairment type. If you're not able to do so yourself, someone can act as your dedicated retriever to collect the darts from the board after each round.

Things you might need to get started:

All equipment needed to get started can be provided by a club. This includes:

  • A set of darts (they vary in weight and length so don’t spend too much on your first set as you may find you need to change the weight and length to suit you)
  • A darts board (if you’d like to play at home)

Find out more

British Disability Darts Association is the National Governing Body of Disability Darts in the UK. To get in touch go to:


You can find out more about where you can try Disability Darts by contacting us as above and we can point you to a local league, players, or tournament in your area.

For more information visit:


Check out Stockport Disability Darts Club:


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