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One of the country’s national sports and greatest exports, cricket has been adapted in a variety of ways to offer disabled people a range of options and levels available across the UK.

At the highest level there are teams for physical disability, learning disability, visual impairment and deaf cricket. However, these form a small part of a bigger picture and there are forms of the game that are suitable for a broad spectrum of disabilities.

From table cricket, to wheelchair and walking cricket, there is something for everyone and it is a great sport for socialising and making new friends.

There are teams across the nation with the national cricket boards of each home country providing opportunities for disabled people to get involved and play the sport.

Things you might need to get started

  • Comfortable clothes
  • Some sport trainers
  • A Cricket bat
  • A Cricket ball (different balls are used for different forms of the game)
  • Wickets
  • A field (if you’re playing with friends)

Find out more

The English Cricket Board:

Cricket Ireland:

Cricket Scotland:

Cricket Wales:

The Lord’s Taverners:

It might also be worth contacting your county’s cricket board.

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