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Climbing is a sport for all seasons with a boom in indoor climbing centres around the UK in recent years as well as a number of spectacular outdoor climbs for days with kinder weather conditions.

Bouldering is a form of climbing that involves ascending smaller routes with no ropes (perfect if you’re afraid of heights) whereas sport climbing involves ropes and would be perfect if you’re looking for a thrill.

All forms of climbing can be suitable for a wide range of impairments and it is a great way to build strength but also rewards balance and problem solving.

Most beginners will start by going to an indoor climbing centre where instructors will be able to give you a full safety briefing and guide you as you begin.

Things you might need to get started:

Indoor centres will be able to provide all equipment, including climbing shoes, so all you need to bring is yourself!

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The British Mountaineering Council are the National Governing Body for climbing in the UK while Paraclimbing London was founded in 2018 for those in and around the capital.

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