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Boxing is often described as the ‘sweet science’ and is a fantastic activity to build fitness and confidence.

Mixed Ability Boxing sessions allow people to train together regardless of impairment, age or gender.

The emphasis is very much on fitness and learning the moves rather than competitively boxing an opponent so there’s no need to worry about getting punched!

More and more clubs and gyms are offering these kinds of inclusive activities and leisure centres often organise boxing related exercise classes. So, whether you want to become fitter, meet new people or just try something new, boxing could be the ideal sport for you.

Things you might need to get started:

  • For beginners, comfortable clothes and a pair of trainers with good support are fine
  • Gloves are usually provided by the club
  • If you enjoy it and want to participate regularly it might be worth buying a pair of boxing boots
  • As you progress a headguard and mouthguard might also be required

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