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Refined from an ancient Greek game...

Why not test your nerve and accuracy with a game of Boccia?

It’s a fantastic sport and you can play almost anywhere. All you need is a flat surface, some Boccia balls and you are good to go!

It can be played – indoors, outdoors, on a school playground, leisure centre or even your on living room floor. While It might not be up to Paralympic standards, the important thing is to play and enjoy with friends and family.

All sorts of ages and impairments can take part. It is one of the few sports where men play against women at the top level, and also perfect for people with high support needs, who can play with a ramp, a ramp assistant and even a very nifty head pointer.

Boccia is an attack and defend game, with two sides competing over a set number of ends. The aim is to score as many points as possible by placing their set of coloured balls closest to the white jack ball.

Things you might need to get started:

  • A flat surface
  • Tape to mark out a court if not playing at a club
  • Boccia balls
  • A ramp

Find out more

The United Kingdom Boccia Federation (Boccia UK) is the National Governing Body for the Paralympic sport of Boccia in the UK.

The following organisations can also provide guidance on where you can play Boccia near where you live:

Boccia England
Disability Sport Wales 
Disability Sport Northern Ireland
Scottish Disability Sport

Check out Paul's Place Boccia Club: 


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