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Goalball training


We are a goalball team that provides people with the opportunity to play the paralympic team sport of goalball. We aim to give people the opportunity to play at the level they want whether its the chance to play a grassroots sport or the chance to play at the top of the sport.

Our club is open to people aged 8 to 50+.

Goalball is a team sport played by visually impaired people, though fully sighted people can and do play it domestically in the UK. Two teams of three play on an indoor court 18m x 9m, the same size as a volleyball court. All players wear shades so players can’t see anything and the ball has bells in it. Each team takes it in turns to throw the ball along the floor to score in the oppositions goal, the goals stretch the full 9m of the court. The sport is fun, fast and tactical. We look forward to you joining us.

Club features

Impairment types:

Learning impairment
Mental health
Social or behavioural
Visual impairment

Availiable sessions:

Mixed gender
Children & youth


Cherry Hinton Village Leisure Centre
Coleville Road
United Kingdom

Telephone number:


Attending the club:

We run our sessions twice a month on a Saturday between 11:00 and 14:00. Our training sessions do not run regularly, though we have two sessions a month at least.

To find out more about our club you can email me (Warren Wilson), club chair, coach and player on the following


I will give you details to join our club Spond. We use the app spond to keep our team and its members updated with upcoming training sessions, tournaments and various opportunities from Goalball UK.


Come in lightweight clothes for exercise. Long sleeves and full length trousers are adviseable. We would also recommend coming with a protective box and jock strap. For first sessions we can provide elbow and knee pads and shades. Your first three sessions are free so you can come and try our club and fantastic sport without any commitment.

Accessibility Information:

We have disabled parking at the venue, step free access, we can offer to meet people at train/bus station first time of coming along, there’s a disabled toilet in the venue.

Goalball training online

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