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Workout #4: Strength

Our dynamic duo, prosthetics physiotherapist Miranda and above-knee amputee, founder and CEO of LimbPower, Kiera are back for more home workout action and this time it’s all about strength!

This routine is designed to build muscle in the midsection of the body and is a great, accessible starting point to strengthening your core.

Important notes from Miranda

If you can’t perform the movements exactly as in the video but feel your muscles clenching and releasing, this is an excellent place to start building up strength until movement becomes possible. 

If you want to increase the intensity, try adding a resistance band or ankle weights to add resistance. 

In a seated position, try to make sure the chair is solid and against a wall. You may need a solid stool to put your weight through if you can’t touch the ground.

Standing, a chair or a solid surface would help support balance and you need enough room to stretch your whole body out. 

Notes for prosthetic users

This routine can be performed with or without the prosthetic on, although in standing you need to wear the limb to perform evenly on both sides.

If wearing the limb makes lifting that body part impossible then try doing one side with the prosthetic limb on for support, then take the prosthetic off to perform the movements on the amputated side.