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Deaf Awareness Week - The importance of sign language

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Did you know BSL interpreters are available through social services and other charities/organisations to facilitate participation in sport and physical activity?

During our recent Club of the Month award shoot with South Essex Gymnastics, we spoke to Yvonne and her young daughter about the barriers to participation faced by the deaf community, but also how the service had changed everything for them.

Yvonne (who herself is deaf) has 4 children, 3 are deaf and 1 is hearing. Initially her hearing child volunteered at the gymnastics sessions to help sign between their siblings and coaches, enabling and improving their participation. Off the back of that coaches at the centre also started to learn BSL to help further engage with Yvonne's family and help them feel truly part of the club, and the discovery of BSL interpreter service via social services further enhanced their participation and enjoyment. Yvonne said it allows her to drop the children off and be confident knowing that there are no communication barriers, and then... relax, just as the rest of the parents do.

From a purpose built space at  @everyoneactive  in Basildon, the club offer an amazing range of adaptive and inclusive sessions, opening up the many disciplines of gymnastics for disabled community to enjoy in a way that suits the individual. Whether just for fun, to join a supportive and welcoming community, or if you have competitive aspirations, the club has a pathway for every body.